Certification: for a quality product

Certification is a compulsory process for all Quebec grain-fed calf producers. To sell their product under the name grain-fed veal, producers must be certified, in other words, respect the breeding standards stipulated in regulated specifications. Certification provides a consistent product quality for both the industry and consumers.

A healthy environment: for the well-being of the animals

Grain-fed calves are raised in groups in well aerated and well lit buildings. They are kept in pens where they can move around as they please. Grain-fed calves have access to food and fresh water at will and at all times.

Traceability: tracking each and every grain-fed calf!

Thanks to the traceability program implemented in 2004 in all Quebec cattle farms, it is now possible to identify an animal’s origins and trace all of its movements. This system ensures health monitoring from the farm to the slaughterhouse, quick detection of sources of contamination as well as the protection of public health and the health of the herds.

At birth, each calf is identified with an electronic chip and a barcode tag. The use of computer technology and electronic tags has fostered the implementation of an efficient system. This program, administered by Agri-Traçabilité Québec (ATQ), enables our agricultural products to stand out in domestic and export markets thanks to its highly reliable traceability system!